Artists Generation

Generation of the creative minds

Art and Culture

Art is a product of people. Nigerian art is a product of her past. Art as a field, reflects these cultural elements and serves as an interpreter of culture.

While art is an expression through media, culture is the total way of life of a group of people living together. Culture may be the way of thinking, beliefs and faith of a society. People are not born with culture, therefore, culture is learnt from adults and it’s transfered from generation to generation.

The unique way of thinking, behaviours, belief and practices of a society give them an identity known as culture. Basically, there are two major forms of culture. These are material culture and non – material culture.

Material culture are the kind of food a particular culture eats the type of dress they wear and how they wear them, the artworks which is regarded as their cultural heritage, hairstyle, crafts, the enviroment determines the kind of crafts produced in a culture. For example, leather work is commonly practiced among the hausa due to the availability of leather from animal skin.

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